Projects Funded by 1% for Nature


Funding Great Projects


As a fledgling organization, 1% for Nature is just beginning to raise funds.  As funds accrue, the 1% for Nature Board of Directors will accept, review and approve requests from non-profit conservation organizations and government entities for projects that:

There’s no list of specific projects awaiting funding from the 1% for Nature program. But we know there are many potential projects out there that can be successful with a little help. We're looking for projects that protect and connect special places, inspiring people to explore and enjoy, and helping wildlife to thrive.
Preserve wildlife habitat, trails, streams and parks in Monroe County, Pennsylvania
and enhance the public’s access to and enjoyment of these places.   

1% for Nature grant awards could support projects that:

√  help a township purchase a key property next to other protected lands, connecting trails and providing room to roam for Pocono wildlife;
√  enable a land trust to protect a wetland that helps purify our water supply and is habitat for nesting waterfowl; √
√  leverage expansion of a local park;
√  provide a parking area, create a footpath and/or place a bench for people enjoying Monroe County’s beautiful natural areas; and much, much more.

Grant awards will be publicized. 

Who Can apply for a Grant?


1% for Nature awards grants to non-profit organizations that are protecting land, connecting trails and/ or making it possible for people to enjoy our County's natural areas. This includes, but is not limited to, conservation organizations and government entities such as municipalities and regional or local park programs. 

The volunteer Board of Directors will consider and approve grant applications from applicants and make grants to worthy projects. Funs will be disbursed for projects in Monroe County only. 

To learn more about 1% for Nature and how your organization might apply for a grant,  email: director@1percentfornature.org