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When businesses get involved to help their community, great things happen on so many levels. One example would be participating in the preservation and enhancement of our nature spaces in the Poconos. 1% for Nature is an organization for businesses that can see the connection between economic growth through being a

nature-rich community. 

Businesses make this happen


Business owners mail the collected donations to 1% for Nature, usually-on a monthly basis. The money is put into an interest-bearing account.  Conservation organizations and government entities (townships, local open space and recreation committees, etc.) submit applications requesting funds for projects in Monroe County.  

The program is designed to be easy for Participating Businesses.  It’s fulfilling because business owners get to support what they care about – making a positive, permanent difference where they live and work.
Participating Businesses are recognized in the local newspapers and via social media for their participation in the 1% for Nature program. 

All Businesses Can Participate


There is no limit to what kind of business can participate, nor are there any commitments on how much your business must contribute. No donation is too big or too small.  
The success of this program is in the variety of businesses and people who support it.  All types of businesses are appropriate, retail or service-oriented.  In fact, 1% for Nature’s first participating business was Strauser Nature’s Helpers, a local landscaping company.    
A one percent  or $1 voluntary contribution is a small sum on its own, but that amount will be magnified as many businesses give their customers the opportunity to help keep Monroe County beautiful, wild and accessible for people to enjoy and wildlife to thrive.


Small Donations … Big Impact

This is a Voluntary Donation! In most cases, customers will be donating $1 or, if 1% is being collected, the donation is usually pennies. 
Cup of Coffee … $2 … two cents
Breakfast at the diner… $10 … ten cents
New pair of sneakers … $80 … eighty cents
Tent for family camping … $150 … $1.50
Together, the pennies add up, making it possible to do something good for the community … protect a special place, connect a hiking and biking trail, conserve wildlife habitat.
A similar program in Gunnison County, Colorado, raised two million dollars over a 20-year period to protect land. With your help, we can do that—and more- together!

About 1% For Nature

1% for Nature is a consortium of local businesses working to support the conservation and public enjoyment of wildlife habitat, trails, streams and parks in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. 

This is a new venture, proposed by local Monroe County business people looking to mimic the success of a similar business-supported non-profit venture that has raised millions of dollars since 1997 to preserve special places in Gunnison County, Colorado. 

We welcome all inquiries and invite the Monroe County business community to learn more and get involved. The program, begun by a few friends and business owners who love where we live, work and raise our families, will launch in November 2018.  Stay tuned! 

1% for Nature, Inc. is incorporated as a non-profit entity in Pennsylvania.  We have applied for 501(c)(3) status; contributions are tax-deductible.  We are not affiliated with any government agency. An all-volunteer Board of Directors comprised primarily of local participating business owners oversees the program, and we expect to soon have an Executive Director to work closely with business owners who want to support the program and local organizations working to protect and promote enjoyment of Monroe County’s bounty of beautiful natural areas.

How It Works
Participating businesses participate in the way that works best for them. Some store owners will request a $1 donation at checkout. Others will collect a voluntary 1% donation from their customers on gross sales before taxes of products and services. People who provide services can add the volunatary 1% contribution to their invoices, request a specific donation (e.g. fifty cents for a haircut) or put a can on the counter to collect contributions. You'll be surprised how happy people are to help protect our local special places. 
All contributions are welcome from businesses, individuales and organizations supporting 1% for Nature.